Living and Earning a Living

It is time the Torah Learning community assumed its share of responsibility for the fiscal health of our society. We have found that the motivation and maturity of working professionals bring a level of focus and realism to the program that adds value rather then detract. The learning is received in a real life perspective, and the walk of life becomes the laboratory where the learning is tested and forged.


Sulam Yaakov seeks to reengage Torah learning with the living daily experience of the individual and the nation. We invite every member to view himself as a grassroots leader who is self-aware, identifies with the struggles of the nation and harbors a desire to serve.



The Beit Midrash is a true home of knowledge characterized by the collective search for meaning. We are a chabburah (study group/think tank) of seekers who work together to uncover and express the guidance which the Torah offers us for our times and issues.

We view the Beit Midrash as a market place of ideas, and our strong grounding in our own vision allows us to be open to the full spectrum of tensions and dynamics within Am Yisrael.

Broader Community

We are engaged in a conscious development of a community within which the Bet Midrash is embedded and from which it emerges.

A community that sees itself as standing before HaShem in love and awe

A community characterized by a spirit of service of others and God

A community characterized by a sense of collective responsibility

A community which engages social and religious issues through its understanding of Torah and the complex nature of Am Yisrael

A community which challenges and drives the learning of the people privileged to devote time to the Bet Midrash

We appreciate the power community, social networking, and media to spread ideas which emerge from the Bet Midrash, engaging and exposing a broader global communities to our process and ideas, inviting them to participate in our process of challenge and growth.

Nachlaot is home to a diverse community of Jews.  Many Israeli and foreign Families and singles thrive in the multifaceted expression of Judaism that exists here.  Whether Sfardi or Ashkanazi, Yemenite, or Chassidish, every tradition thrives here with life and passion. Nachlaot residents experience that all traditions have much to teach us, that they are all a rich texture in the fabric of our people. It is in this backdrop that Sulam Yaakov students find themselves.

Sulam Yaakov is blessed with a core community of families, those of students present and future, and others who share our vision and values. These families include educators from our program, Rabbinic students and educators of the Yeshiva, and many English-speaking and Israeli families who share a love and passion for Torah and the Jewish people.  Our community is filled with people who are drawn towards many expressions of Torah, and are not limited by one form of dress or one point of view. This has created a very open community of people who live together harmoniously, accepting each other’s traditions and loving all Jews just as they are.

Am Yisrael

Sulam Yaakov assumes strong positions in regard to certain significant Issues facing Am Yisrael Today:

A Relevant Torah:

Increasing polarization within Am Yisrael and among lomdei torah over social and theological questions, is causing the value and creative power of machloket to be lost. We are suffering from a Lack of visionary leadership that addresses the needs and concerns of all of Am Yisrael, especially regarding their relationships to one another and to God. By tackling difficult subjects in an open and fearless fashion we promote a creative process of challenging thought regarding the most crucial issues.

A Whole Torah:

We endeavor to address all the dimensions of the Human experience, combating the atomization of Torah learning into discreet packets of ‘knowledge’ and ‘skill sets’, and offering instead a holistic way of knowing and being.

The World

Universal Redemption

Sulam Yaakov is committed to a universal vision of the redemptive history of the world and the role of Am Yisrael in that process. Our students are exposed to other faith’s, struggling to understand the nature of our interactions with them in the context of the worlds movement towards the redemptive visions of our prophets.

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