Daily Classes

If you have between four to twenty hours a week to learn Torah…

Sulam Yaakov has a program for you!

7 am      Shacharit

8 am       Daily Gemara Bekiyut

Excellent for Gemara skill development from beginner to intermediate, we will be learning one amud a day with built in reviews.

9 am     Featured Shiurim  Sun-Thurs

Sunday: Jewish History with Rav Mike Feuer

Monday: Inner realms with Rav Daniel Kohn

Tuesday: Tanach with Rav Aaron Leibowitz

Wednesday:  R’ Nachman of Breslav with Rav Raz Hartman (Hebrew)

Thursday: Parshat Hashavuah with Rav Aaron Leibowitz

10 am        Seder

1 pm           Mincha

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