Q: What kind of Smicha does your program offer:
A: Sulam Yaakov offers three choices of smicha for our students:

  1. Students who successfully pass their exams, and attend two years of our morning core program and our afternoon Smicha program will receive Smicha from Sulam Yaakov.
  2. Students who complete the afternoon two year smicha program and pass the Pirchei Shoshanim test will be eligible to receive smicha from the Pirchei Shoshanim Shulchan Aruch Project (provide link).
  3. The afternoon program prepares students to pass the test of the Chief Rabbinate in Isur Vheter.

Q: Do Sulam Yaakov Students receive a stipend?
A: No.

Q: Does Sulam Yaakov provide a dorm or meals.
A: Sorry, not at this time.

Q: What level of learning is required to enter Sulam Yaakov?
A: We recommend three years of daily Gemara study, and the minimum is one year of daily Gemara Study for students who thrive when challenged.

Q: What if work conflicts with parts of the program?
A: Sulam Yaakov is committed to maintaining a reasonable level of flexibility and customization for its students, in order to allow them to remain in the work force. Please speak with us to see what can be done.

Q: Are all Sulam Yaakov classes in English.
A: Almost all our classes are in English using all Hebrew texts.

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