TORAH GEM from Rav Aaron Leibowitz’s class – Tanach Mastery

Rav Aaron

TORAH GEM from Rav Aaron Leibowitz’s class – Tanach Mastery:

Every Thu, from 9:00 – 10:00am, at our beautiful campus in (snowy) Nachlaot, Jerusalem.

Jacob gathers his sons and says, “I will tell you what will happen to you at the end of days” (Vayechi 49:1), but then he gives them blessings for right now. And this is strength of a prophet: Not necessarily seeing the future. Rather, seeing the present.

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Rav Aaron – Tanach Mastery
Sulam Yaakov is the Nachlaot Community Beit Midrash for Leadership Development. Located in the heart of Jerusalem Sulam Yaakov offers daily morning meditations, Shaliach Tzibur training, morning seder, self-development workshops and more.


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Video – Whats wrong with Zionism.

Rav Aaron Leibowitz in a two and half minute comment regarding Genesis, Rashi, and misguided Nationalism. Click here for video.

Ever want to lead davening, but were afraid of embarrassing yourself?

 Learn to lead davening in a supportive environment at Sulam Yaakov, in a chabura of others like yourself, with instruction and oversight.

For full list of topics to be studied, and registration information:

Rav Aaron running for Jerusalem City Council

The Jerusalem post featured the Yerushalmim party, where Rav Aaron is a candidate, noting their fresh new vision for the city. The article can be read here. (JPost Premium Content).

בטן מלאה על סולידריות – מעגלי שיחה ולימוד בתשעה באב

Rav Aaron Leibowitz participated in the “Circles of solidarity and learning on Tisha B’Av,” by the Shalom Hartman Institute, July 16 2013.


The Facebook event page:

The event was sponsored by the מרכז שלום הרטמן & ירושלמים בראשית רחל עזריה

3 Week Series with Rabbi Mike Feuer: “From Destruction To Reconstruction”

Rabbi Mike Feuer: From Destruction To Reconstruction


Dates: 3 lectures: June 30, July 7, July 14

Location: Sulam Yaakov Be’er Sheva st 25 Nachlaot

Cost: 20 NIS per lecture; 50 NIS for the entire series.

Cracks of Light (June 30)

The Enlightenment heralded massive change across Europe. As the horizons of thought lifted and knowledge was freed from tradition, endless avenues for growth seemed to open before humanity. This was a new dawn for Am Yisrael as well. From the kabbalists, to the chassidim and through the students of the Vilna Gaon, the light of return began to spark within the heart of the nation. This class will examine the promise of the Enlightenment and the challenge it posed to the order established in Exile.

A New World Order (July 7)

The rise of reason in the 18th century as the new religion of Europe destroyed the previous social order built on tradition. The temporary structures offered by the Enlightenment and Emancipation were quickly subsumed into what became the guiding political principal which swept Europe – nationalism. This class will explore the ancient and modern roots of Jewish nationalism by engaging the question – what is a nation?

(Re)Birth of a Nation (July 14)

What is Zionism – romantic nationalism, a stage of world socialist revolution, fulfillment of a Gdly promise, or none of the above? At the turn of the 20th century the Zionist movement transitioned from thought to action, laying the foundations for the modern State of Israel. This class will engage the spectrum of visions which informed these achievements and ask how they left their mark on our society today.

New Video – Rav Aaron on the Alternative Kashrut Project

Click on this link in order to see a full video of the “Shiur and Shmooze” rav Aaron gave titled ‘”Can I trust you? Kashrut, Social Dynamics and Jewish Unity”.


Rav Aaron on Yom Yerushalayim

Click on the link below for a ten minute video on Yerushalayim:

Yom Yerushalayim

Interfaith Encounter Day for Religious Studies Students:

 On this upcoming Thursday, March 7th, an interfaith seminar and tiyul is planned with Israeli Muslim students of Islamic studies. We plan to meet at 7:30 am and depart from Jerusalem, and return to Jerusalem at 1 pm. Breakfast will be provided on the bus.The seminar will take place at Yarkon National Park, near Petach Tikva, which extends over 3,250 acres, which includes theTel Afek (Antipatris) fortress overlooking the Yarkon springs, and the Yarkon sources, where the stream and its banks are rich in plant and animal life. Upon reaching the Yarkon National Park, we will meet a group of students of Islamic studies from Al Qasemi Academy, which is located in Baka Al Garbiya, near Hadera. Some of the male students in this program will go on to become imamim in Israel. The male and female students who will participate are between the ages of 18 and 23. The three-hour seminar will include icebreakers, a guided walk with a partner from Al Qasemi, and a group discussion. 

Participants will be encouraged to discuss and share throughout the seminar.  Transportation and lunch will be provided for registered participants.  The seminar will be conducted in English and Hebrew, with translation provided. Participants should bring a hat and water.

About the Seminar Organizers:

The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development (ICSD), based in Jerusalem, accesses the collective wisdom of the world’s religions to promote co-existence, peace, and sustainability through education and activism. It promotes and manifests an inter-religious vision for environmental sustainability by encouraging the cooperation and training of religious leaders, teachers, and communities on ecological issues. More about its work can be found at

Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) is the only rabbinic organization in Israel today that speaks about human rights in the voice of the Jewish tradition. The organization was founded in 1988, and today has over 100 members- ordained rabbis and rabbinical students. RHR is the only rabbinical organization in Israel in which Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist and Renewal rabbis work together.  For more information on RHR please visit:

The seminar is sponsored by Anne Frank Fonds, the British Shalom Salaam Trust, and The Julia Burke Foundation

Rabbi Eitan Tucker from Hadar speaks at Sulam Yaakov

Rabbi Eitan Tucker from Yeshivat Hadar will present on the subject of Egalitarian practice and Halachik boundaries. The presentation will take place at 11:30 on Sunday March 1oth.

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